Callie Agnew is currently a student at the Colorado Media School. She hopes this education helps her get a job in the sports broadcasting and journalism industry. She has spent the last four years of her life working for the 911 ambulance service in Loveland, Colorado.

Callie was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado. Growing up she was always playing or watching sports. She played recreational soccer since the age of five until an injury at the age of 20. In high school she was a student athletic trainers age and worked all high school sports, including the Fort Collins Lambkins boys soccer state championship game. She has added playing hockey in recent years to her sports passions.

Callie began traveling to watch the Colorado Avalanche on road trips, making her first trip to Canada. Before starting her sports travels she had never been on a vacation and had only flown on a plane once. While in Canada she saw the Avalanche play in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. The next year she added Detroit, Pittsburgh, Sunrise Florida, and Tampa Bay to her list. This drove Callie to a career change and to follow her true passion of sports.

Callie went to Front Range Community College and achieved a certification as an Emergency Medical Technician. With this certification she began working at the Colorado Motocross Medics and watching motocross races. She worked the national event in Lakewood, Colorado. Then began working at Thompson Valley EMS. Thompson Valley works standbys at the Colorado Eagles games. Callie worked many games each season, including the playoff runs where they captured back to back Kelly Cups. She continues to work for Thompson Valley and works Eagles games.

In her spare time Callie likes to go hiking, watch movies, go to concerts, traveling, outdoor activities, and attend sporting events. Callie enjoys sports history and going to different sports museums.

Callie dreams of being able to cover the Colorado Avalanche as a sports journalist, in any facet. From writing, radio, to broadcasting. She is learning the skill to be able to do so.